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  1. Photo of Oscar Micheaux

    Oscar Micheaux Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lawrence Chenault

    Lawrence Chenault Cast

  3. Photo of A.B. DeComathiere

    A.B. DeComathiere Cast

  4. Photo of Laura Bowman

    Laura Bowman Cast

  5. Photo of Willor Lee Guilford

    Willor Lee Guilford Cast

  6. Photo of Tressie Mitchell

    Tressie Mitchell Cast

  7. Photo of Mabel Garrett

    Mabel Garrett Cast

  8. Photo of Carl Mahon

    Carl Mahon Cast

  9. Photo of Galle De Gaston

    Galle De Gaston Cast

  10. Photo of George Williams

    George Williams Cast

  11. Photo of Lorenzo Tucker

    Lorenzo Tucker Cast

  12. Photo of Lester Lang

    Lester Lang Cinematography

  13. Photo of Donald Heywood

    Donald Heywood Music