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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Ten Skies

    The smokestack cloud almost saved it.

  2. DSPRKY's rating of the film Ten Skies

    Is there a message about environmentalism cleverly hidden in here?

  3. H. K. ‡'s rating of the film Ten Skies

    Felt like a night (or morning) of anxious prayer.

  4. Gabriele Taddei's rating of the film Ten Skies

    Il cinema nella sua pura essenza, o meglio, il non cinema, l'assenza dell'autore di fronte alla maestosità della natura

  5. Scott Barley's rating of the film Ten Skies

    Surprisingly a lot less beautiful and creative than 13 Lakes.

  6. francisca bacon's rating of the film Ten Skies

    Benning works with an actor whose freedom is unquestionable, total, eruptive, the sky. It is like reverting director-giving-instructions vs. actor-receiving-and-conforming-to-them relationship. Here, it is the director who submits to the order of the actor, yielding his personal, whimsical vision to an order of necessity that would make no concessions to any directorial narrow imagination.

  7. Somewhat Damaged's rating of the film Ten Skies

    Nature is nature. Why would i want a "movie" (read a testimony) of the purest art form ? Humans cannot be able to even touch the perfection of this entity, and if i'd want to meditate thanks to nature, i'd be there, transcending. I cannot feel any power from this. It doesn't match with my idea of what art should be.

  8. bknight23's rating of the film Ten Skies

    @joriah- I think implicit in the "time" quote is a partial point the artist wanted to make. One of the things I find interesting is peoples visceral angst towards things that dont satiate whatever expectations or latent aesthetic desires they have. If "art" followed my expectations it would have been Candyland as a kid, varying degrees of Deepthroat in my teens and, now in my 20s, dancing bottles of vicadin winking.

  9. Kenji's rating of the film Ten Skies

    Interesting discussion in forum. #5 is the stand-out for me.