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  1. Photo of Ted V. Mikels

    Ted V. Mikels Director, Screenplay, Producer, Sound & 1 more
    Ted V. Mikels Director, Screenplay, Producer, Sound, Editing

  2. Photo of James Gordon White

    James Gordon White Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nicholas Carras

    Nicholas Carras Music

  4. Photo of Yuval Shousterman

    Yuval Shousterman Cinematography

  5. Photo of Mike McCloskey

    Mike McCloskey Production Design

  6. Photo of Vernon Lombard

    Vernon Lombard Sound

  7. Photo of Sherri Vernon

    Sherri Vernon Cast

  8. Photo of Dixie Lauren

    Dixie Lauren Cast

  9. Photo of Sally Alice Gamble

    Sally Alice Gamble Cast

  10. Photo of Georgia Morgan

    Georgia Morgan Cast

  11. Photo of Jane Farnsworth

    Jane Farnsworth Cast

  12. Photo of Melodie Bell

    Melodie Bell Cast

  13. Photo of Christina de Cattani

    Christina de Cattani Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Ian

    Paul Ian Cast

  15. Photo of Sherry Hardin

    Sherry Hardin Cast

  16. Photo of Kelly Lancaster

    Kelly Lancaster Cast

  17. Photo of Peggy Hayes

    Peggy Hayes Cast

  18. Photo of Juanita Morgan Copeland

    Juanita Morgan Copeland Cast

  19. Photo of Eileen Lee

    Eileen Lee Cast

  20. Photo of Julie Wakefield

    Julie Wakefield Cast

  21. Photo of Leigh Reynolds

    Leigh Reynolds Cast