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  1. Photo of Valerio Mieli

    Valerio Mieli Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Davide Lantieri

    Davide Lantieri Screenplay

  3. Photo of Isabella Aguilar

    Isabella Aguilar Screenplay

  4. Photo of Federica Pontremoli

    Federica Pontremoli Screenplay

  5. Photo of Aleksandr Lebedev

    Aleksandr Lebedev Screenplay

  6. Photo of Isabella Ragonese

    Isabella Ragonese Cast

  7. Photo of Michele Riondino

    Michele Riondino Cast

  8. Photo of Glen Blackhall

    Glen Blackhall Cast

  9. Photo of Sergei Zhigunov

    Sergei Zhigunov Cast

  10. Photo of Sergey Nikonenko

    Sergey Nikonenko Cast

  11. Photo of Liuba Zaizeva

    Liuba Zaizeva Cast

  12. Photo of Alice Torriani

    Alice Torriani Cast

  13. Photo of Sara Lazzaro

    Sara Lazzaro Cast

  14. Photo of Francesco Brandi

    Francesco Brandi Cast

  15. Photo of Luca Avagliano

    Luca Avagliano Cast

  16. Photo of Francesca Cuttica

    Francesca Cuttica Cast

  17. Photo of Roberto Nobile

    Roberto Nobile Cast

  18. Photo of Luis Molteni

    Luis Molteni Cast

  19. Photo of Vinicio Capossela

    Vinicio Capossela Cast

  20. Photo of Marco Onorato

    Marco Onorato Cinematography

  21. Photo of Francesco De Luca

    Francesco De Luca Music

  22. Photo of Alessandro Forti

    Alessandro Forti Music

  23. Photo of Mauro Vanzati

    Mauro Vanzati Production Design

  24. Photo of Roberto Bessi

    Roberto Bessi Producer

  25. Photo of Elisabetta Bruscolini

    Elisabetta Bruscolini Producer

  26. Photo of Luigi Mearelli

    Luigi Mearelli Editing

  27. Photo of Guido Spizzico

    Guido Spizzico Sound