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  1. Photo of David Hamilton

    David Hamilton Director

  2. Photo of Claude d'Anna

    Claude d'Anna Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pascal Lainé

    Pascal Lainé Screenplay

  4. Photo of Josiane Lévêque

    Josiane Lévêque Screenplay

  5. Photo of Werner P. Zibaso

    Werner P. Zibaso Screenplay

  6. Photo of Thierry Tevini

    Thierry Tevini Cast

  7. Photo of Anja Schüte

    Anja Schüte Cast

  8. Photo of Valérie Dumas

    Valérie Dumas Cast

  9. Photo of Évelyne Dandry

    Évelyne Dandry Cast

  10. Photo of Elisa Servier

    Elisa Servier Cast

  11. Photo of Bernard Daillencourt

    Bernard Daillencourt Cinematography

  12. Photo of Karin Trouw

    Karin Trouw Music

  13. Photo of Véra Belmont

    Véra Belmont Producer

  14. Photo of Linda Gutenberg

    Linda Gutenberg Producer

  15. Photo of Hans Pflüger

    Hans Pflüger Producer

  16. Photo of Sam Waynberg

    Sam Waynberg Producer

  17. Photo of Jean-Bernard Bonis

    Jean-Bernard Bonis Editing