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  1. Photo of Pennant Roberts

    Pennant Roberts Director

  2. Photo of David Tucker

    David Tucker Director

  3. Photo of Jeremy Summers

    Jeremy Summers Director

  4. Photo of David Askey

    David Askey Director

  5. Photo of Michael Owen Morris

    Michael Owen Morris Director

  6. Photo of Jill Hyem

    Jill Hyem Screenplay

  7. Photo of Anne Valery

    Anne Valery Screenplay

  8. Photo of Paul Wheeler

    Paul Wheeler Screenplay

  9. Photo of Lavinia Warner

    Lavinia Warner Story

  10. Photo of Ann Bell

    Ann Bell Cast

  11. Photo of Stephanie Cole

    Stephanie Cole Cast

  12. Photo of Stephanie Beacham

    Stephanie Beacham Cast

  13. Photo of Burt Kwouk

    Burt Kwouk Cast

  14. Photo of Louise Jameson

    Louise Jameson Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Anderson

    Jean Anderson Cast

  16. Photo of Patricia Lawrence

    Patricia Lawrence Cast

  17. Photo of Veronica Roberts

    Veronica Roberts Cast

  18. Photo of Emily Bolton

    Emily Bolton Cast

  19. Photo of Claire Oberman

    Claire Oberman Cast

  20. Photo of Renée Asherson

    Renée Asherson Cast

  21. Photo of Jeananne Crowley

    Jeananne Crowley Cast

  22. Photo of Joanna Hole

    Joanna Hole Cast

  23. Photo of Rosemary Martin

    Rosemary Martin Cast

  24. Photo of Jonathan Newth

    Jonathan Newth Cast

  25. Photo of Preston Lockwood

    Preston Lockwood Cast

  26. Photo of Elspet Gray

    Elspet Gray Cast

  27. Photo of Eiji Kusuhara

    Eiji Kusuhara Cast

  28. Photo of Elizabeth Chambers

    Elizabeth Chambers Cast

  29. Photo of Anna Lindup

    Anna Lindup Cast

  30. Photo of Philippa Urquhart

    Philippa Urquhart Cast

  31. Photo of Carrolle Rousseau

    Carrolle Rousseau Cast

  32. Photo of Elizabeth Mickery

    Elizabeth Mickery Cast

  33. Photo of Cindy Shelley

    Cindy Shelley Cast

  34. Photo of Josephine Welcome

    Josephine Welcome Cast

  35. Photo of Takashi Kawahara

    Takashi Kawahara Cast

  36. Photo of Karin Foley

    Karin Foley Cast

  37. Photo of Ann Queensberry

    Ann Queensberry Cast

  38. Photo of Damien Thomas

    Damien Thomas Cast

  39. Photo of Takahiro Oba

    Takahiro Oba Cast

  40. Photo of Nicolas Corry

    Nicolas Corry Cast

  41. Photo of Ken Westbury

    Ken Westbury Cinematography

  42. Photo of Paul Hellings-Wheeler

    Paul Hellings-Wheeler Cinematography

  43. Photo of James Harpham

    James Harpham Music

  44. Photo of Colin Shaw

    Colin Shaw Production Design

  45. Photo of Paul Munting

    Paul Munting Production Design

  46. Photo of Ken Ledsham

    Ken Ledsham Production Design

  47. Photo of Michael Young

    Michael Young Production Design

  48. Photo of Ken Riddington

    Ken Riddington Producer

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