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  1. Photo of Nelson Pereira dos Santos

    Nelson Pereira dos Santos Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jorge Amado

    Jorge Amado Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hugo Carvana

    Hugo Carvana Cast

  4. Photo of Sonia Dias

    Sonia Dias Cast

  5. Photo of Anecy Rocha

    Anecy Rocha Cast

  6. Photo of Franca Teixeira

    Franca Teixeira Cast

  7. Photo of Mae Mirinha do Portao

    Mae Mirinha do Portao Cast

  8. Photo of Juárez Paraíso

    Juárez Paraíso Cast

  9. Photo of Jards Macalé

    Jards Macalé Cast

  10. Photo of Jehova De Carvalho

    Jehova De Carvalho Cast

  11. Photo of Manoel do Bonfim

    Manoel do Bonfim Cast

  12. Photo of Nildo Parente

    Nildo Parente Cast

  13. Photo of Fernanda Amado

    Fernanda Amado Cast

  14. Photo of Emmanuel Cavalcanti

    Emmanuel Cavalcanti Cast

  15. Photo of Hélio Silva

    Hélio Silva Cinematography

  16. Photo of Gilberto Gil

    Gilberto Gil Music

  17. Photo of Tizuka Yamasaki

    Tizuka Yamasaki Production Design

  18. Photo of Tininho Nogueira Da Fonseca

    Tininho Nogueira Da Fonseca Producer

  19. Photo of Ivan De Souza

    Ivan De Souza Producer

  20. Photo of Carlos Alberto Diniz

    Carlos Alberto Diniz Producer

  21. Photo of Francisco Drummond

    Francisco Drummond Producer

  22. Photo of Ney Santanna

    Ney Santanna Executive Producer and Producer

  23. Photo of Severino Dadá

    Severino Dadá Editing

  24. Photo of Raimundo Higino

    Raimundo Higino Editing

  25. Photo of José Oswaldo de Andrade

    José Oswaldo de Andrade Sound

  26. Photo of Geraldo José

    Geraldo José Sound