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  1. Photo of Alan Taylor

    Alan Taylor Director

  2. Photo of James Cameron

    James Cameron Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gale Anne Hurd

    Gale Anne Hurd Screenplay

  4. Photo of Patrick Lussier

    Patrick Lussier Screenplay and Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Lee Byung-hun

    Lee Byung-hun Cast

  6. Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Cast

  7. Photo of Emilia Clarke

    Emilia Clarke Cast

  8. Photo of Jai Courtney

    Jai Courtney Cast

  9. Photo of Jason Clarke

    Jason Clarke Cast

  10. Photo of Matt Smith

    Matt Smith Cast

  11. Photo of J.K. Simmons

    J.K. Simmons Cast

  12. Photo of Douglas Smith

    Douglas Smith Cast

  13. Photo of Dayo Okeniyi

    Dayo Okeniyi Cast

  14. Photo of Courtney B. Vance

    Courtney B. Vance Cast

  15. Photo of Aaron V. Williamson

    Aaron V. Williamson Cast

  16. Photo of Kramer Morgenthau

    Kramer Morgenthau Cinematography

  17. Photo of Niel Spisak

    Niel Spisak Production Design

  18. Photo of David Ellison

    David Ellison Producer

  19. Photo of Dana Goldberg

    Dana Goldberg Producer

  20. Photo of Megan Ellison

    Megan Ellison Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Bill Carraro

    Bill Carraro Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Laeta Kalogridis

    Laeta Kalogridis Executive Producer and Screenplay

  23. Photo of Paul Schwake

    Paul Schwake Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Roger Barton

    Roger Barton Editing

  25. Photo of Susan Matheson

    Susan Matheson Costume Design