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  1. lou.'s rating of the film Terri

    Bullying is a touching and current issue, nowadays more than ever. Adolescence is a rough time, but I feel like this film has, in some way, failed his shot to deepen and develop those subjects. The story feels only drafted, unfinished.

  2. katballo's rating of the film Terri

    i kept trusting that this movie would fill in. the characters all had such potential to be interesting and dynamic! but the script just never showed it. there's also not ever really a point to why things happen, which just felt like a waste of time to me. watch this movie if you enjoy american indie mediocracy, otherwise skip it.

  3. peterhiller's rating of the film Terri

    love the characters, terri is awesome

  4. smec's rating of the film Terri

    I found the building of the characters not convincing, switching traits without any reason so that in the end you cannot get any outline for any of them. Also, it is full of clichés which are a bit more tempered than in mainstream movies, but they are still very obvious and force a humour which doesn't come naturally for the viewer.

  5. missingsnowman's rating of the film Terri

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Terri

    Des portraits suaves, croqués avec conviction, des acteurs réellement investis dans leurs rôles respectifs et des scènes souvent émouvantes, parfaitement réalisées, n'empêchent cette oeuvre de dégager une lancinante impression de stagnation, de tourner en rond dans sa bulle scolaire et de ne jamais émerger de sa fausse candeur.

  7. Marcin Żuraw's rating of the film Terri

  8. Sebastian Vignau's rating of the film Terri

    Tremendamente dirigida y actuada. Una muy potente visión a las complicaciones de la vida adolescente.

  9. m00njaguar's rating of the film Terri

    Movies about romance and teen angst are so common that it is easy not to do one saying something new or that offers anything near truth. This film is offers a quirky take, an empathetic comedy from the point of view of a school's misfits & oddballs. Sweet, with tones of sadness and humor. A crafted character study, well acted.

  10. Chichago_'s rating of the film Terri

    This film shows how by giving compassions (no matter how small it is), can bring a change in someone's live.

  11.'s rating of the film Terri

    (...) Irgendetwas in Terris Leben spornt uns an, genauso zu sein, wie wir sein wollen. Obwohl Terri sein Glück noch nicht gefunden hat, lebt er das bereits. Terri und auch die übrigen Charaktere werden nie eingeschränkt durch die Konventionen einer "Story". Alle fünf habe ich so nie in anderen Filmen gesehen! Sie werden mit Hingabe und Sympathie (...)

  12. gzegosch's rating of the film Terri

    Touching, beautiful images, we can easily identify to Terry. I really liked this movie.

  13. James Mackin's rating of the film Terri

    John C. Reily is a really good actor, and anyone acting with him instantly becomes a better actor, including this kid.

  14. Claudia Pittnerová's rating of the film Terri

  15. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Terri

  16. sfasatura's rating of the film Terri

    iyi film. Half Nelson filmini anımsattı bna biraz. Sanki biraz da Nelson'un öğrenci halini izledim. Tabi bu benzetme çoğu noktalarda hatalı ama aynı ruhu verdi bana. Bu filmi izleyenlere, sonrasında hemen soğutmadan bir doz Half Nelson öneriyorum. Sevgiler

  17. Mugino's rating of the film Terri

    Awkward and affable like the characters, yet leaves me wondering if there's any point in making coming-of-age stories any more.

  18. Korhan Kalabalık's rating of the film Terri

    Amerikan bağımsız sineması için vasat denilebilecek bir film. Ergenlik çağındaki bir gencin karakter oluşumunda yaşadığı sıkıntılar, toplumsal ilişkiler noktasında çektiği acının yalın bir görseli. Yönetmen konuyu fazlaca eşelemeden ve derinlikli bir boyut kazandırmadan sadece gözlemci statüsünde aktarıyor.

  19. Andrew Parry Williams's rating of the film Terri

    A thoughtful protrayal of how difficult and awkward of being teenage is

  20. kaan ertuz's rating of the film Terri

    Nice to watch... Especially "Fitzgerald is a Zombie" scene is a short summary of all of our lives...

  21. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Terri

  22. Yiğit Çağan's rating of the film Terri

  23. innersmiff's rating of the film Terri

    Slow-paced coming of age story. The apparently purposeful dorkiness of the lead (he wears pyjamas to school because 'they're comfortable') grates at first, but the characters pull through. Light, and doesn't come to any real conclusion, but engaging, and a realistic portrayal of a man with dementia.

  24. Paul Relf's rating of the film Terri

    Boring. John C. Reilly is great and the only reason I managed to make it to the end.

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