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  1. captainfez's rating of the film Terri

  2. Lee Donowitz's rating of the film Terri

    A heartfelt story of a teenage outcast and the relationship with his school principal (possibly also an outcast). Nicely shot and some good performances (with the obligatory whimsical piano motif throughout), not a hell of a lot happens, but that’s cool, that’s life.

  3. Comadozer's rating of the film Terri

  4. DrFirestone's rating of the film Terri

    Warm and humane, a film about the hardships of adolescence, the school - a place where the (real?) world of adults meets and shapes its future. The characters are interesting, they all bring something different to the story; but then you realise it's a wasted opportunity - no character development, no focus, and somewhere half-way it starts to wander around different ideas. The flat and abrupt ending doesn't help.

  5. mattywuh's rating of the film Terri

  6. mrianlawton's rating of the film Terri

    Nice quirky little Indie. Hadn’t watched any Azazel Jacobs before but felt like I was in safe hands from the off. Performances all great but didn’t quite deliver as much juice as it promised as far as the relationship of the two central characters goes

  7. Fokion Xenos's rating of the film Terri

    Great indie film with really good performances. Coming of age traditional qualities with quirky ideas about understanding empathy. Feels that it could have been a bit shorter but enjoyable nonetheless.

  8. Superfrog's rating of the film Terri

    Not unpleasantly manufactured film, lacks focus and becomes increasingly disappointing as it goes.

  9. JanP's rating of the film Terri

  10. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Terri

    Overall, this is a small film that does so much right that it's easy to forgive some of the mistakes. It's a shame that it builds up to something that doesn't really satisfy as it should, but that's the way of life, and films like this tend to value that approach over easy brownie points.

  11. Bertie Beor-Roberts's rating of the film Terri

    Excellent film, pace controlled in the most amazing way.

  12. Yvonx S's rating of the film Terri

    A sweet coming of age film if a little predictable; marred by a soundtrack which is rather tinkly, but the main character 'Terri' redeems it with his deft fusion of awkward adolescence emerging from childlike innocence. The journey is an inward one, of deeper undercurrents of grace and self-reliance, pitted against the usual cruelties of teenagers in their combative jockeying for position of alpha dickhead.

  13. Pango's rating of the film Terri

    It probably doesn't deserve such a low rating. But I couldn't help it, I really struggled to get to the end of this uninspired, unoriginal, unfunny, uninteresting indie film. I hoped more from John C. Reilly.

  14. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Terri

    Many films have tried tackling the awkward social comedy of errors that is high school life, Terri catches something of the experience but then spools out in a strange and ill placed ending.

  15. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Terri

    Good advert for the job of head teacher. You get to spend all your time hanging out with misfit kids, being a pal to them all to cheer up their dreary troubled days. No paperwork/executive decisions/lengthy complex meetings/responsibility etc. Despite the unrealistic traits, it's quite a watchable film. Suspend your disbelief and enjoy.

  16. Peter Blegvad's rating of the film Terri

    Lovely. Bravos all round. You should all be very proud of this gem.

  17. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Terri

  18. lou.'s rating of the film Terri

    Bullying is a touching and current issue, nowadays more than ever. Adolescence is a rough time, but I feel like this film has, in some way, failed his shot to deepen and develop those subjects. The story feels only drafted, unfinished.

  19. katballo's rating of the film Terri

    i kept trusting that this movie would fill in. the characters all had such potential to be interesting and dynamic! but the script just never showed it. there's also not ever really a point to why things happen, which just felt like a waste of time to me. watch this movie if you enjoy american indie mediocracy, otherwise skip it.

  20. peterhiller's rating of the film Terri

    love the characters, terri is awesome

  21. smec's rating of the film Terri

    I found the building of the characters not convincing, switching traits without any reason so that in the end you cannot get any outline for any of them. Also, it is full of clichés which are a bit more tempered than in mainstream movies, but they are still very obvious and force a humour which doesn't come naturally for the viewer.

  22. missingsnowman's rating of the film Terri

  23. FISCHER's rating of the film Terri

    Des portraits suaves, croqués avec conviction, des acteurs réellement investis dans leurs rôles respectifs et des scènes souvent émouvantes, parfaitement réalisées, n'empêchent cette oeuvre de dégager une lancinante impression de stagnation, de tourner en rond dans sa bulle scolaire et de ne jamais émerger de sa fausse candeur.

  24. Marcin Żuraw's rating of the film Terri

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