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  1. Photo of Stephen M. Kienzle

    Stephen M. Kienzle Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Donna M. Matson

    Donna M. Matson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thomas Wells

    Thomas Wells Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Geyer

    Michael Geyer Executive Producer

  5. Photo of F.L. Harcourt

    F.L. Harcourt Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Vito A. Sasso

    Vito A. Sasso Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Roy J. Ravio

    Roy J. Ravio Music

  8. Photo of Gregory Irwin

    Gregory Irwin Cinematography

  9. Photo of D. Alan Newman

    D. Alan Newman Cinematography

  10. Photo of Stephen D. Hubbert

    Stephen D. Hubbert Editing

  11. Photo of Nils Myers

    Nils Myers Editing

  12. Photo of David D. Ohl

    David D. Ohl Editing

  13. Photo of Steven Field

    Steven Field Cast

  14. Photo of J.T. Wallace

    J.T. Wallace Cast

  15. Photo of Jerry Anderson

    Jerry Anderson Cast

  16. Photo of Linda Carol Toner

    Linda Carol Toner Cast

  17. Photo of James Earl Jones

    James Earl Jones Cast