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  1. Photo of Ted Nicolaou

    Ted Nicolaou Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Albert Band

    Albert Band Producer

  3. Photo of Charles Band

    Charles Band Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Romano Albani

    Romano Albani Cinematography

  5. Photo of Diane Franklin

    Diane Franklin Cast

  6. Photo of Gerrit Graham

    Gerrit Graham Cast

  7. Photo of Mary Woronov

    Mary Woronov Cast

  8. Photo of Chad Allen

    Chad Allen Cast

  9. Photo of Jon Gries

    Jon Gries Cast

  10. Photo of Bert Remsen

    Bert Remsen Cast

  11. Photo of Alejandro Rey

    Alejandro Rey Cast

  12. Photo of Randi Brooks

    Randi Brooks Cast

  13. Photo of Jennifer Richards

    Jennifer Richards Cast

  14. Photo of Sonny Carl Davis

    Sonny Carl Davis Cast

  15. Photo of Ian Patrick Williams

    Ian Patrick Williams Cast

  16. Photo of William Paulson

    William Paulson Cast

  17. Photo of John Leamer

    John Leamer Cast

  18. Photo of Giovanni Natalucci

    Giovanni Natalucci Production Design

  19. Photo of Thomas Meshelski

    Thomas Meshelski Editing

  20. Photo of Tom Gerrard

    Tom Gerrard Sound

  21. Photo of Richard Band

    Richard Band Music