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  1. Photo of Giulio Paradisi

    Giulio Paradisi Director

  2. Photo of Leonardo Benvenuti

    Leonardo Benvenuti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Piero De Bernardi

    Piero De Bernardi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alessandro Parenzo

    Alessandro Parenzo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Paolo Brigenti

    Paolo Brigenti Screenplay

  6. Photo of Johnny Dorelli

    Johnny Dorelli Cast

  7. Photo of Renato Pozzetto

    Renato Pozzetto Cast

  8. Photo of Zeudi Araya Cristaldi

    Zeudi Araya Cristaldi Cast

  9. Photo of Sandra Milo

    Sandra Milo Cast

  10. Photo of Enrico Maria Salerno

    Enrico Maria Salerno Cast

  11. Photo of Carlo Bagno

    Carlo Bagno Cast

  12. Photo of Vincenzo Crocitti

    Vincenzo Crocitti Cast

  13. Photo of Paolo Paoloni

    Paolo Paoloni Cast