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  1. Photo of Roman Polanski

    Roman Polanski Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gérard Brach

    Gérard Brach Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Brownjohn

    John Brownjohn Screenplay

  4. Photo of Thomas Hardy

    Thomas Hardy Screenplay

  5. Photo of Nastassja Kinski

    Nastassja Kinski Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Firth

    Peter Firth Cast

  7. Photo of Leigh Lawson

    Leigh Lawson Cast

  8. Photo of John Collin

    John Collin Cast

  9. Photo of Tony Church

    Tony Church Cast

  10. Photo of Rosemary Martin

    Rosemary Martin Cast

  11. Photo of Sylvia Coleridge

    Sylvia Coleridge Cast

  12. Photo of Arielle Dombasle

    Arielle Dombasle Cast

  13. Photo of David Markham

    David Markham Cast

  14. Photo of Pascale de Boysson

    Pascale de Boysson Cast

  15. Photo of Gordon Richardson

    Gordon Richardson Cast

  16. Photo of Carolyn Pickles

    Carolyn Pickles Cast

  17. Photo of Suzanna Hamilton

    Suzanna Hamilton Cast

  18. Photo of Caroline Embling

    Caroline Embling Cast

  19. Photo of Ghislain Cloquet

    Ghislain Cloquet Cinematography

  20. Photo of Geoffrey Unsworth

    Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematography

  21. Photo of Philippe Sarde

    Philippe Sarde Music

  22. Photo of Pierre Guffroy

    Pierre Guffroy Production Design

  23. Photo of Claude Berri

    Claude Berri Producer

  24. Photo of Pierre Grunstein

    Pierre Grunstein Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Alastair McIntyre

    Alastair McIntyre Editing

  26. Photo of Tom Priestly

    Tom Priestly Editing

  27. Photo of Hervé de Luze

    Hervé de Luze Sound

  28. Photo of Peter Horrocks

    Peter Horrocks Sound