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  1. Bruno's rating of the film Tetro

    i don't quite know about this one, it starts a wrong kind of akward and elusive, but the ends tie in the end, and i don't mean the plot but the feeling, or one and the other both; the music is very fine too, so is the cinematography

  2. Jenny Coldpussy's rating of the film Tetro

    I don't get it. How can a film directed by F. F. Coppola, starring Vincent Gallo and Maribel Verdu be such a corny piece of crap? The script is like something an angsty pretentious teenager would write after a fight with his dad. Those were two precious hours I'll never get back.

  3. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Tetro

    Hell of a movie, I met Francis Ford Coppola at the premiere of this in Seattle with my brother Sean.

  4. antibody's rating of the film Tetro

  5. Samuel Righi's rating of the film Tetro

  6. Trunfos's rating of the film Tetro

  7. PascBaha's rating of the film Tetro

    annoying.. slow.. poor dialogs.. useless..

  8. thibaultpiguet's rating of the film Tetro

    A really nice movie, very sensitive and clever, except for ending that come too late ans miss his point. But still very pleasant to watch

  9. Anna K's rating of the film Tetro

    Vu au cinéma à sa sortie, j'en garde un souvenir assez tiède... Style ampoulé, lent et long. Vincent Gallo ne parvient pas à sauver ce film...

  10. Katerina's rating of the film Tetro

  11. sheila's rating of the film Tetro

    flat characters, the same story of estranged relations, symbolism full of cliches. so average. it just doesn't work...

  12. Michelle McCance's rating of the film Tetro

  13. yroc's rating of the film Tetro

    Easily one of the best looking films of the decade. I feel this film is very underrated but as far as Coppola films go, it is sub par work. I found Gallo's performance to be pretty solid although it felt stiff at moments. Overall, it was a good watch but not a lot of replay value. Luckily I bought the dvd for $4 so not a waste in the least.

  14. jeremie's rating of the film Tetro

  15. Peter Rinaldi's rating of the film Tetro

    brave, unique, weird and wonderful

  16. Christopher Taylor's rating of the film Tetro

    Flawless and fascinating right up to the last eight minutes. A fantastic fabrication of forties and fifties classics given timelessness and intricate characters, namely Gallo, that are entertaining to watch.

  17. El Biffo's rating of the film Tetro

    Was this supposed to be Vincent Gallo's big comeback? Sorry, Vinny!

  18. mpho3's rating of the film Tetro

    “Do you know what love is in a family like ours? It’s a quick stab in the heart.” Tetro's snipe at Bennie sums it up very neatly for a story that is far from tidy but gorgeously unfolds into sumptuous eye candy. The cast and locale shine. Shades of Almodovar and Coppola's own Rumble Fish, but this cinematic tone poem is something all its own. Bravo.

  19. Cassandra Nguyen's rating of the film Tetro

    Not like typical Coppola. But hey, what do I know

  20. Justin Vicari's rating of the film Tetro

    There's something about plain Italianness that Coppola has never come to grips with: here The Godfather gets replayed with maestros. He likes stagey Latins too, always dancing and fighting and throwing themselves on the ground. Everything's overdone except maybe Gallo's bipolar pain-in-the-ass, a great character but not enough for a 2 hour movie no matter how much pretty lighting and fancy camerawork get involved.

  21. Duarte Lima's rating of the film Tetro

    how did Coppola ruin this simple beginning? one of his worst films

  22. Sihaya's rating of the film Tetro

    Giochi di luci, con un bianco e nero terso. Gli occhi sono l'animo dei protagonisti, illuminati da improvvisi spotlight e luccicori di ricordi. Film ben recitato e orchestrato.

  23. Igor Leoni's rating of the film Tetro

  24. Lilian Higa's rating of the film Tetro

    this one has my favorite photograph direction ever. enough said.

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