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  1. TheCinemaAdventurist's rating of the film Tex

    Read S.E. Hinton's book before watching the movie. Definitely thought the book was better, but Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, and Meg Tilly are all stand outs in this movie. I just wish Tim Hunter had gone over some of the parts from book that were left out of the movie, but I still enjoyed it though. Worth checking out.

  2. letters never sent's rating of the film Tex

    I still remember how I saw this film. It was on a pirated betamax titled Tootsie and Tex. I thought it was the title of a movie, as it turns out there were 2 movies in it, one was Tootsie. This was the other and it bored me to tears back then.

  3. Ariel Rowan's rating of the film Tex

    didnt need as much of the plot as it stuffed in cos matt was good enough