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  1. Photo of Ralf Huettner

    Ralf Huettner Director

  2. Photo of Jochen Bludau

    Jochen Bludau Producer

  3. Photo of Hanno Huth

    Hanno Huth Producer

  4. Photo of Stefaan Schieder

    Stefaan Schieder Producer

  5. Photo of Schringo van den Berg

    Schringo van den Berg Screenplay

  6. Photo of Diethard Prengel

    Diethard Prengel Cinematography

  7. Photo of Andreas Kunze

    Andreas Kunze Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Berling

    Peter Berling Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Thoms

    Peter Thoms Cast

  10. Photo of Werner Abrolat

    Werner Abrolat Cast

  11. Photo of Helmut Körschgen

    Helmut Körschgen Cast

  12. Photo of Mirjam Wiesemann

    Mirjam Wiesemann Cast

  13. Photo of Christa Strobel

    Christa Strobel Cast

  14. Photo of Buddy Casino

    Buddy Casino Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Habeck

    Michael Habeck Cast

  16. Photo of Ludwig Haas

    Ludwig Haas Cast

  17. Photo of Ludger Pistor

    Ludger Pistor Cast

  18. Photo of Charlie Weiss

    Charlie Weiss Cast

  19. Photo of Gerd Lohmeyer

    Gerd Lohmeyer Cast

  20. Photo of Ariane Traub

    Ariane Traub Editing

  21. Photo of Felix Becker

    Felix Becker Production Design

  22. Photo of Claudia Bodenburg

    Claudia Bodenburg Production Design

  23. Photo of Uli Hanisch

    Uli Hanisch Production Design

  24. Photo of Jo Hattenhauer

    Jo Hattenhauer Production Design

  25. Photo of Peter Hüttemeister

    Peter Hüttemeister Production Design

  26. Photo of Frank Polosek

    Frank Polosek Production Design

  27. Photo of Helge Schneider

    Helge Schneider Music, Screenplay, Director Cast

  28. Photo of Stefan Colli

    Stefan Colli Sound

  29. Photo of Rolf Hapke

    Rolf Hapke Sound

  30. Photo of Eckhard W. Kuchenbecker

    Eckhard W. Kuchenbecker Sound

  31. Photo of Ute Paffendorf

    Ute Paffendorf Costume Design