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  1. Photo of Mátyás Prikler

    Mátyás Prikler Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marek Lesčák

    Marek Lesčák Screenplay

  3. Photo of Béla Várady

    Béla Várady Cast

  4. Photo of Attila Mokos

    Attila Mokos Cast

  5. Photo of Xénia Molnár

    Xénia Molnár Cast

  6. Photo of Anna Ferenczy

    Anna Ferenczy Cast

  7. Photo of Zuzana Mauréry

    Zuzana Mauréry Cast

  8. Photo of Milan Vojtela

    Milan Vojtela Cast

  9. Photo of Ábel Csekes

    Ábel Csekes Cast

  10. Photo of Barbora Illithová

    Barbora Illithová Cast

  11. Photo of Juraj Johanides

    Juraj Johanides Cast

  12. Photo of Jana Majeská

    Jana Majeská Cast

  13. Photo of Eva Pavlíková

    Eva Pavlíková Cast

  14. Photo of Milan Balog

    Milan Balog Cinematography

  15. Photo of Andrea Biskupičová

    Andrea Biskupičová Producer

  16. Photo of Katarína Krnáčová

    Katarína Krnáčová Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Maroš Šlapeta

    Maroš Šlapeta Editing

  18. Photo of Zuzana Cséplő

    Zuzana Cséplő Editing

  19. Photo of Erika Gadus

    Erika Gadus Costume Design