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  1. Photo of Georges Dancigers

    Georges Dancigers Producer

  2. Photo of Alexandre Mnouchkine

    Alexandre Mnouchkine Producer

  3. Photo of Philippe de Broca

    Philippe de Broca Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Daniel Boulanger

    Daniel Boulanger Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ariane Mnouchkine

    Ariane Mnouchkine Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jean-Paul Rappeneau

    Jean-Paul Rappeneau Screenplay

  7. Photo of Edmond Séchan

    Edmond Séchan Cinematography

  8. Photo of Jean-Paul Belmondo

    Jean-Paul Belmondo Cast

  9. Photo of Françoise Dorléac

    Françoise Dorléac Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Servais

    Jean Servais Cast

  11. Photo of Simone Renant

    Simone Renant Cast

  12. Photo of Milton Ribeiro

    Milton Ribeiro Cast

  13. Photo of Adolfo Celi

    Adolfo Celi Cast

  14. Photo of Ubiracy De Oliveira

    Ubiracy De Oliveira Cast

  15. Photo of Daniel Ceccaldi

    Daniel Ceccaldi Cast

  16. Photo of Roger Dumas

    Roger Dumas Cast

  17. Photo of Françoise Javet

    Françoise Javet Editing

  18. Photo of Mauro Monteiro

    Mauro Monteiro Production Design

  19. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music