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  1. Photo of William Wisher Jr.

    William Wisher Jr. Screenplay

  2. Photo of Warren Lewis

    Warren Lewis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antonio Banderas

    Antonio Banderas Cast

  4. Photo of Omar Sharif

    Omar Sharif Cast

  5. Photo of Diane Venora

    Diane Venora Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimir Kulich

    Vladimir Kulich Cast

  7. Photo of Dennis Storhøi

    Dennis Storhøi Cast

  8. Photo of Clive Russell

    Clive Russell Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Bremmer

    Richard Bremmer Cast

  10. Photo of Tony Curran

    Tony Curran Cast

  11. Photo of Erick Avari

    Erick Avari Cast

  12. Photo of Sven Wollter

    Sven Wollter Cast

  13. Photo of Asbjørn 'Bear' Riis

    Asbjørn 'Bear' Riis Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Menzies Jr.

    Peter Menzies Jr. Cinematography

  15. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  16. Photo of Wolf Kroeger

    Wolf Kroeger Production Design

  17. Photo of Michael Crichton

    Michael Crichton Producer, Director Novel

  18. Photo of Ned Dowd

    Ned Dowd Producer

  19. Photo of John McTiernan

    John McTiernan Producer and Director

  20. Photo of Ethan Dubrow

    Ethan Dubrow Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Andrew G. Vajna

    Andrew G. Vajna Executive Producer

  22. Photo of John Wright

    John Wright Editing