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  1. Photo of Joseph Kuo

    Joseph Kuo Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Chang Shan-hu

    Chang Shan-hu Producer

  3. Photo of Hsin Yi Chang

    Hsin Yi Chang Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ting Hung Kuo

    Ting Hung Kuo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Chung Yen

    Chung Yen Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jung San

    Jung San Cinematography

  7. Photo of Carter Wong

    Carter Wong Cast

  8. Photo of O Yau Man

    O Yau Man Cast

  9. Photo of Yee Yuen

    Yee Yuen Cast

  10. Photo of Liu Ping

    Liu Ping Cast

  11. Photo of Tin Peng

    Tin Peng Cast

  12. Photo of Kong Nam

    Kong Nam Cast

  13. Photo of Su Chen-Ping

    Su Chen-Ping Cast

  14. Photo of Wong Fei Lung

    Wong Fei Lung Cast

  15. Photo of Au Lap-Bo

    Au Lap-Bo Cast

  16. Photo of Chan Lau

    Chan Lau Cast

  17. Photo of Chu Tiet-Wo

    Chu Tiet-Wo Cast

  18. Photo of Shaw Luo Hui

    Shaw Luo Hui Cast

  19. Photo of Woo Gwong

    Woo Gwong Cast

  20. Photo of Yuen Sam

    Yuen Sam Cast

  21. Photo of Chiu Kuei-Huang

    Chiu Kuei-Huang Editing

  22. Photo of Ming Chun Chen

    Ming Chun Chen Production Design

  23. Photo of Chen Sheng-tang

    Chen Sheng-tang Production Design

  24. Photo of Shen Chung

    Shen Chung Production Design

  25. Photo of Gozo Matsui

    Gozo Matsui Production Design

  26. Photo of Liao Ping-shui

    Liao Ping-shui Production Design

  27. Photo of Wan Hao-chin

    Wan Hao-chin Production Design

  28. Photo of Chen Yung-Yu

    Chen Yung-Yu Music

  29. Photo of Chang Yan-li

    Chang Yan-li Costume Design

  30. Photo of Lingfeng Shangguan

    Lingfeng Shangguan Cast

  31. Photo of Chang Yi

    Chang Yi Cast