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  1. Photo of Sidney Miller

    Sidney Miller Director

  2. Photo of Rowland Barber

    Rowland Barber Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arthur A. Ross

    Arthur A. Ross Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lawrence L. Goldman

    Lawrence L. Goldman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jack Rabin

    Jack Rabin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Irving Block

    Irving Block Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lou Costello

    Lou Costello Cast

  8. Photo of Dorothy Provine

    Dorothy Provine Cast

  9. Photo of Gale Gordon

    Gale Gordon Cast

  10. Photo of Jimmy Conlin

    Jimmy Conlin Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Lane

    Charles Lane Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Burton

    Robert Burton Cast

  13. Photo of Will Wright

    Will Wright Cast

  14. Photo of Lenny Kent

    Lenny Kent Cast

  15. Photo of Ruth Perrott

    Ruth Perrott Cast

  16. Photo of Bobby Barber

    Bobby Barber Cast

  17. Photo of James Bryce

    James Bryce Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Conlin

    Peter Conlin Cast

  19. Photo of Joey Faye

    Joey Faye Cast

  20. Photo of Joseph J. Greene

    Joseph J. Greene Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Hagan

    Michael Hagan Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Leeds

    Peter Leeds Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Nichols

    Robert Nichols Cast

  24. Photo of Jack Rice

    Jack Rice Cast

  25. Photo of Mark Scott

    Mark Scott Cast

  26. Photo of Jack Straw

    Jack Straw Cast

  27. Photo of Russell Trent

    Russell Trent Cast

  28. Photo of Veola Vonn

    Veola Vonn Cast

  29. Photo of Arthur Walsh

    Arthur Walsh Cast

  30. Photo of Doodles Weaver

    Doodles Weaver Cast

  31. Photo of Frank G. Carson

    Frank G. Carson Cinematography

  32. Photo of Raoul Kraushaar

    Raoul Kraushaar Music

  33. Photo of Rudy Schrager

    Rudy Schrager Music

  34. Photo of William Flannery

    William Flannery Production Design

  35. Photo of Lewis J. Rachmil

    Lewis J. Rachmil Producer

  36. Photo of Edward Sherman

    Edward Sherman Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Al Clark

    Al Clark Editing

  38. Photo of George Cooper

    George Cooper Sound