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  1. Photo of Vincente Minnelli

    Vincente Minnelli Director

  2. Photo of Robert Ardrey

    Robert Ardrey Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Gay

    John Gay Screenplay

  4. Photo of Glenn Ford

    Glenn Ford Cast

  5. Photo of Ingrid Thulin

    Ingrid Thulin Cast

  6. Photo of Charles Boyer

    Charles Boyer Cast

  7. Photo of Lee J. Cobb

    Lee J. Cobb Cast

  8. Photo of Paul Lukas

    Paul Lukas Cast

  9. Photo of Yvette Mimieux

    Yvette Mimieux Cast

  10. Photo of Karlheinz Böhm

    Karlheinz Böhm Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Henreid

    Paul Henreid Cast

  12. Photo of Harriet E. MacGibbon

    Harriet E. MacGibbon Cast

  13. Photo of Kathryn Givney

    Kathryn Givney Cast

  14. Photo of Marcel Hillaire

    Marcel Hillaire Cast

  15. Photo of George Dolenz

    George Dolenz Cast

  16. Photo of Stephen Bekassy

    Stephen Bekassy Cast

  17. Photo of Nestor Paiva

    Nestor Paiva Cast

  18. Photo of Albert Remy

    Albert Remy Cast

  19. Photo of Milton R. Krasner

    Milton R. Krasner Cinematography

  20. Photo of André Previn

    André Previn Music

  21. Photo of George W. Davis

    George W. Davis Production Design

  22. Photo of Urie McCleary

    Urie McCleary Production Design

  23. Photo of Elliot Scott

    Elliot Scott Production Design

  24. Photo of Julian Blaustein

    Julian Blaustein Producer

  25. Photo of Olallo Rubio Gandara

    Olallo Rubio Gandara Producer

  26. Photo of Adrienne Fazan

    Adrienne Fazan Editing

  27. Photo of Ben Lewis

    Ben Lewis Editing

  28. Photo of Franklin Milton

    Franklin Milton Sound

  29. Photo of René Ubert

    René Ubert Costume Design

  30. Photo of Walter Plunkett

    Walter Plunkett Costume Design