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  1. Photo of Judd Apatow

    Judd Apatow Director, Screenplay, Producer

  2. Photo of Holly Bario

    Holly Bario Producer

  3. Photo of Jon Poll

    Jon Poll Producer

  4. Photo of Seth Rogen

    Seth Rogen Producer, Cast

  5. Photo of Shauna Robertson

    Shauna Robertson Producer

  6. Photo of Mary Parent

    Mary Parent Producer

  7. Photo of Brent White

    Brent White Editing

  8. Photo of Steve Carell

    Steve Carell Cast, Screenplay, Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Catherine Keener

    Catherine Keener Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd Cast

  11. Photo of Romany Malco

    Romany Malco Cast

  12. Photo of Elizabeth Banks

    Elizabeth Banks Cast

  13. Photo of Jane Lynch

    Jane Lynch Cast

  14. Photo of Leslie Mann

    Leslie Mann Cast

  15. Photo of Kat Dennings

    Kat Dennings Cast

  16. Photo of Kevin Hart

    Kevin Hart Cast

  17. Photo of Kimberly Page

    Kimberly Page Cast

  18. Photo of Jonah Hill

    Jonah Hill Cast

  19. Photo of Jenna Fischer

    Jenna Fischer Cast

  20. Photo of Lyle Workman

    Lyle Workman Music

  21. Photo of Jack N. Green

    Jack N. Green Cinematography