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  1. Photo of Michel Deville

    Michel Deville Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gilles Perrault

    Gilles Perrault Screenplay

  3. Photo of Françoise Béliard

    Françoise Béliard Cast

  4. Photo of Patrick Chesnais

    Patrick Chesnais Cast

  5. Photo of Jenny Clève

    Jenny Clève Cast

  6. Photo of Christophe Malavoy

    Christophe Malavoy Cast

  7. Photo of Roger Planchon

    Roger Planchon Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Prucnal

    Anna Prucnal Cast

  9. Photo of László Szabó

    László Szabó Cast

  10. Photo of Claude Lecomte

    Claude Lecomte Cinematography

  11. Photo of Jean Schwarz

    Jean Schwarz Music

  12. Photo of Noëlle Galland

    Noëlle Galland Production Design

  13. Photo of Philippe Dussart

    Philippe Dussart Producer

  14. Photo of Raymonde Guyot

    Raymonde Guyot Editing

  15. Photo of Joël Beldent

    Joël Beldent Sound

  16. Photo of Jean Pantaloni

    Jean Pantaloni Sound