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  1. Photo of Michael O'Herlihy

    Michael O'Herlihy Director

  2. Photo of Dennis Donnelly

    Dennis Donnelly Director

  3. Photo of Craig R. Baxley

    Craig R. Baxley Director

  4. Photo of David Hemmings

    David Hemmings Director

  5. Photo of Tony Mordente

    Tony Mordente Director

  6. Photo of Arnold Laven

    Arnold Laven Director

  7. Photo of Christian I. Nyby II

    Christian I. Nyby II Director

  8. Photo of Ron Satlof

    Ron Satlof Director

  9. Photo of Sidney Hayers

    Sidney Hayers Director

  10. Photo of Gilbert M. Shilton

    Gilbert M. Shilton Director

  11. Photo of Bruce Kessler

    Bruce Kessler Director

  12. Photo of Guy Magar

    Guy Magar Director

  13. Photo of Bernard McEveety

    Bernard McEveety Director

  14. Photo of Chuck Bowman

    Chuck Bowman Director

  15. Photo of Ivan Dixon

    Ivan Dixon Director

  16. Photo of James Darren

    James Darren Director

  17. Photo of Stephen J. Cannell

    Stephen J. Cannell Screenplay

  18. Photo of Frank Lupo

    Frank Lupo Screenplay

  19. Photo of George Peppard

    George Peppard Cast

  20. Photo of Dwight Schultz

    Dwight Schultz Cast

  21. Photo of Mr. T

    Mr. T Cast

  22. Photo of Dirk Benedict

    Dirk Benedict Cast

  23. Photo of Melinda Culea

    Melinda Culea Cast

  24. Photo of Lance LeGault

    Lance LeGault Cast

  25. Photo of Carl Franklin

    Carl Franklin Cast

  26. Photo of Eddie Velez

    Eddie Velez Cast

  27. Photo of Robert Vaughn

    Robert Vaughn Cast

  28. Photo of Marla Heasley

    Marla Heasley Cast

  29. Photo of Elisha Cook Jr.

    Elisha Cook Jr. Cast