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  1. msmichel's rating of the film The Absent

    Once again Pereda's images far outweigh his ability to tell a story in this minimalist slow film. The tale of appropriation told could have made for an interesting story but Pereda is more interested in capturing the ennui of time passing for his lead character. Not without merit but not amongst the director's better work.

  2. Konstantinos's rating of the film The Absent

    Wow!I thought that Agelopoulos was shooting in slow motion.This takes it to the next level!For the first 15 mins I thought I was watching a movie about a day of the poor old man's life in real time,like minute by minute.So I was preparing myself to spend the next 24 hours of MY life watching this particular movie.Luckily for me it ended after about 70 mins.Which was regrettable as the movie was not at all forgetable

  3. between7skies's rating of the film The Absent

    4.5 Hypnotic.Dreamlike, mesmerizing. When images speak louder than words. The first long shot, maybe a cameo to Bela Tarr's Satantango opening long shot or maybe not, but it sets the tone for the time of the film. A filmmaker to follow.

  4. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film The Absent

    One of the most empathetically made films I've watched.

  5. Walser's rating of the film The Absent

    La nada absoluta con máxima pretensiones, no es slow cinema es nada, no es. Excepto la pobreza tan apreciada fuera de América Latina,

  6. Juan's rating of the film The Absent

    Es narrativa experimental, intencionalmente lentificada: planos largos, diálogos que no son diálogos, atmósferas. Interesante para quien tenga la paciencia de verla.

  7. Camila Pardo Cerezo's rating of the film The Absent

    Una película con una narrativa muy particular de Nicolás Pereda. La puesta en escena está muy bien lograda y la fotografía me parece bellísima. Creo que es un gran trabajo.

  8. Korial's rating of the film The Absent

    Rather pretentious in his being vague, elusive, reflexive, as if he was forcing himself into making a sensation to a specific audience. Its one of those calm and silent movies I usually love, where cinema obliterates thought. In this case though, there is something too personal, an allusion to a vision we are not entitled to experience.

  9. tinderness's rating of the film The Absent

    In die Kategorie "Slow Cinema" reiht es einer der MUBI Rezensenten ein, zusammen mit Chantal Akermans Film Jeanne Dielman. Lange Einstellungen und Kamerafahrten machen uns zu Beobachtern von Strukturen und fast unmerklichen Bewegungen. Der alte Mann verschwindet in der Zukunft ohne jedweden politischen Kommentar. Hat mich letzten Endes sowohl bezüglich Erzählstruktur und Komposition nicht wirklich überzeugen können.

  10. Daniel's rating of the film The Absent

    People should be ashamed of making these films. It’s a complete waste of the time of those who make it and those who watch it. There’s nothing to be gained from enduring this film. Nothing is shown or said. This is a truly pathetic film. The only redeeming value is that you could co-opt some images from it to increase tourism in the region. Images are not enough. This is a complete failure. Cinéma deserves more.

  11. Isidor Faust's rating of the film The Absent

    Sognante, nouvelle vague pasoliniana, perfetto

  12. Isay Peña's rating of the film The Absent

    La fotografía de Diego Romero fue un gran complemento para las hermosas puestas de escena de Pereda, Todos los planos son hermosos y sus composiciones perfectas.

  13. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film The Absent

  14. Nadin's rating of the film The Absent

    A new era in Pereda's filmmaking, as far as I can see. Very haunting work. A kind of dream-like atmosphere that makes you lose yourself. More on my blog:

  15. Max Seqgar's rating of the film The Absent

    Love how nothing-core style film is maturing to depths unseen previously on the exercise. Not sufficing perfect photo, mega-focused characters, and meditative travelling shots; this gem goes in and out of mind dimensions. Otherworldy, and that ending... a biter!!

  16. despuesdelfin's rating of the film The Absent

    Un trabajo de dirección exquisito.

  17. retalistico's rating of the film The Absent

    Otro gran trabajo de Pereda. De una limpieza visual y auditiva como pocos en este país. Puede sintetizar un guión en pocos cuadros. Ese movimiento vertical prolongado es espléndido. La recomiendo mucho.

  18. Edgar Echeverría's rating of the film The Absent

    El guión puede ser bueno, pero es lentísima, de verdad, más lenta que Juana la lenta

  19. paxy's rating of the film The Absent