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  1. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film The Abyss

  2. josh scam's rating of the film The Abyss

    bad guys are bad and good guys are aliens

  3. Paul Relf's rating of the film The Abyss

    A stunning classic. The alien parts seem a bit like an afterthought and I feel it would have been a stronger film without the alien element. I don't know, its still great.

  4. Alexander Angelov's rating of the film The Abyss

  5. east1999's rating of the film The Abyss

    Glorious bursts of operatic cinema, not only as a powerful variation of space sci-fi, but also as a big reactionary move towards studio shooting, which has to become a contraption through new stakes. Sadly, the worst part of Cameron is his "humanism", perhaps a Cold War feature, always available for redemption through manifestations of the sublime. My version was missing the aliens' broadcast, and thank god.

  6. Ethan's rating of the film The Abyss

    This is a visually stunning adventure film but loses points due to it's corniness at times.

  7. DSPRKY's rating of the film The Abyss

    My 1000th rated film on MUBI. Cameron's work is pure spectacle, but he really is one of the best in the game at putting on a show.

  8. Bob's rating of the film The Abyss

    It takes a huge amount of time to build a suspense that is not based on goofy personalities and environmental propaganda, but when it does, it turns into a heart-wrenching odyssey with humanism and love entwined in a deepest places of mankind's only home. And it is concluded with the ending where epic scale, stunning visuals and emotionality are all together reaching their peak.

  9. Trevor Tillman's rating of the film The Abyss

    Tapped into my nostalgia for mainstream 80s and 90s cinema's return to Old Hollywood Romanticism. James Cameron pulls off an almost Hawksian tone between the male and female leads, yet never reduces them to outdated gender roles. Unabashedly earnest in its calling for human solidarity, rediscovering this—in 35mm no less!—provided me with a much needed dose of optimism.

  10. Khashayar Mohammadi's rating of the film The Abyss

    I despise every film James Cameron has made so far but I found this film incredibly engaging and beautiful. The Underwater moments are breathtaking

  11. speedball's rating of the film The Abyss

  12. Niko's rating of the film The Abyss

  13. Samuel Donath's rating of the film The Abyss

    A decent film. I remember seeing it as a kid with my dad. It freaked me out a bit.

  14. mávros skýlos's rating of the film The Abyss

  15. KarstenM's rating of the film The Abyss

    After decades of cherishing Cameron, I finally got around to watching "The Abyss", and to my amazement (but not surprise) this is another masterpiece. An important key piece in Cameron's oeuvre, this film contains several major themes and visuals that tie in with his other films, especially "Avatar". A dedicated Ed Harris gives a brilliant performance at the centre of the story, and gives a heart to the whole.

  16. Gabriele Taddei's rating of the film The Abyss

    Un'abissale e motivato "remake" di E.T,, più oscuro e meglio girato

  17. CafeGradiva's rating of the film The Abyss

  18. Zach Closs's rating of the film The Abyss

    Yeah, the ending is a little much. Everything leading up to it, however, is Cameron showing his true potential. It combines the director's love for the high-octane with the charming sense of youthful wonder that would become more apparent in his later works. Claustrophobic, gritty and wonderfully characterized with a career-best performance from Ed Harris.

  19. Muffinhead1985's rating of the film The Abyss

    This film was directed? At who?. Couldn't find the theatrical cut so had to watch the Special Edition which runs at 2 hours and 45 mins. This film is absolute piece of shit. The first 30mins or so are great at building tension and setting scene, but once it gets into the reveals it's so fucking terrible. Only message i took away from this was cohabiting is immoral but marriage is great.

  20. Joel Quinby's rating of the film The Abyss

    So there's a downed submarine, a warhead, a crazy military man. Oh, and there are aliens. Would have liked Cameron to have picked just one. Still, great performances by Harris and Mary Elizabeth, especially at the end.

  21. CAMERACCIO's rating of the film The Abyss

  22. micah van hove's rating of the film The Abyss

    A cinematic fucking achievement. Nobody will ever shoot a movie like this ever again, and if aliens did threaten us, I'd send Ed Harris as our beacon any day of the week.

  23. Algitya's rating of the film The Abyss

    One of my memorable's childhood that i missed today.. >.<

  24. flobota's rating of the film The Abyss

    ok the special effects are really cool and I don't even want to imagine what an effort it was to shoot this thing at that time in this conditions. the visual effects are almost visionary, so you can see past the fact that there some loopholes in the 2nd half (diving in 3000 feet in a tshirt!), the music is horrible (I want synthies!) and it's also quiete cheezy in the end, not to mention the three drama moments.

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