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  1. Photo of William Dieterle

    William Dieterle Director

  2. Photo of Ketti Frings

    Ketti Frings Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jonathan Latimer

    Jonathan Latimer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Barré Lyndon

    Barré Lyndon Screenplay

  5. Photo of Allen Rivkin

    Allen Rivkin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Robert Rossen

    Robert Rossen Screenplay

  7. Photo of Charles Schnee

    Charles Schnee Screenplay

  8. Photo of Leonard Spigelgass

    Leonard Spigelgass Screenplay

  9. Photo of June Truesdell

    June Truesdell Novel

  10. Photo of Robert Cummings

    Robert Cummings Cast

  11. Photo of Wendell Corey

    Wendell Corey Cast

  12. Photo of Loretta Young

    Loretta Young Cast

  13. Photo of Sam Jaffe

    Sam Jaffe Cast

  14. Photo of Douglas Dick

    Douglas Dick Cast

  15. Photo of Suzanne Dalbert

    Suzanne Dalbert Cast

  16. Photo of Sara Allgood

    Sara Allgood Cast

  17. Photo of Mickey Knox

    Mickey Knox Cast

  18. Photo of George Spaulding

    George Spaulding Cast

  19. Photo of Francis Pierlot

    Francis Pierlot Cast

  20. Photo of Ann Doran

    Ann Doran Cast

  21. Photo of Carole Mathews

    Carole Mathews Cast

  22. Photo of Billy Mauch

    Billy Mauch Cast

  23. Photo of Milton R. Krasner

    Milton R. Krasner Cinematography

  24. Photo of Victor Young

    Victor Young Music

  25. Photo of Hal B. Wallis

    Hal B. Wallis Producer

  26. Photo of Warren Low

    Warren Low Editing

  27. Photo of Lyle Figland

    Lyle Figland Sound

  28. Photo of Don McKay

    Don McKay Sound

  29. Photo of Walter Oberst

    Walter Oberst Sound

  30. Photo of Edith Head

    Edith Head Costume Design

  31. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Art Department

  32. Photo of A. Earl Hedrick

    A. Earl Hedrick Art Department

  33. Photo of Sam Comer

    Sam Comer Art Department

  34. Photo of Grace Gregory

    Grace Gregory Art Department