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  1. Photo of Maurice Leblanc

    Maurice Leblanc Screenplay

  2. Photo of Albert Simonin

    Albert Simonin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Lamoureux

    Robert Lamoureux Cast

  4. Photo of Liselotte Pulver

    Liselotte Pulver Cast

  5. Photo of O.E. Hasse

    O.E. Hasse Cast

  6. Photo of Daniel Ceccaldi

    Daniel Ceccaldi Cast

  7. Photo of Georges Chamarat

    Georges Chamarat Cast

  8. Photo of Huguette Hue

    Huguette Hue Cast

  9. Photo of Renaud Mary

    Renaud Mary Cast

  10. Photo of Sandra Milo

    Sandra Milo Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Muller

    Paul Muller Cast

  12. Photo of Henri Rollan

    Henri Rollan Cast

  13. Photo of Margaret Rung

    Margaret Rung Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Bouillaud

    Charles Bouillaud Cast

  15. Photo of Hubert de Lapparent

    Hubert de Lapparent Cast

  16. Photo of Pierre Stéphen

    Pierre Stéphen Cast

  17. Photo of Jacques Becker

    Jacques Becker Cast, Director Screenplay

  18. Photo of Hugues Wanner

    Hugues Wanner Cast

  19. Photo of Pierre Darçay

    Pierre Darçay Cast

  20. Photo of Alexandre Mihalesco

    Alexandre Mihalesco Cast

  21. Photo of Alain Janey

    Alain Janey Cast

  22. Photo of Jacques Mancier

    Jacques Mancier Cast

  23. Photo of Mireille Ozy

    Mireille Ozy Cast

  24. Photo of Pierre Duncan

    Pierre Duncan Cast

  25. Photo of Henri Belly

    Henri Belly Cast

  26. Photo of René Hell

    René Hell Cast

  27. Photo of Jacques Manoir

    Jacques Manoir Cast

  28. Photo of Joé Davray

    Joé Davray Cast

  29. Photo of Paul Préboist

    Paul Préboist Cast

  30. Photo of Edmond Séchan

    Edmond Séchan Cinematography

  31. Photo of Jean-Jacques Grünenwald

    Jean-Jacques Grünenwald Music

  32. Photo of Rino Mondellini

    Rino Mondellini Production Design

  33. Photo of Robert Sussfeld

    Robert Sussfeld Producer

  34. Photo of Geneviève Vaury

    Geneviève Vaury Editing

  35. Photo of Pierre-André Bertrand

    Pierre-André Bertrand Sound

  36. Photo of Pierre-Louis Calvet

    Pierre-Louis Calvet Sound

  37. Photo of Lucien Lacharmoise

    Lucien Lacharmoise Sound