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  1. Photo of Dane Cannon

    Dane Cannon Director

  2. Photo of Lucas Grabeel

    Lucas Grabeel Cast

  3. Photo of Kunal Sharma

    Kunal Sharma Cast

  4. Photo of Jeff Braine

    Jeff Braine Cast

  5. Photo of Noah Bastian

    Noah Bastian Cast

  6. Photo of Ryne Sanborn

    Ryne Sanborn Cast

  7. Photo of McCall Clark

    McCall Clark Cast

  8. Photo of Curt Dousett

    Curt Dousett Cast

  9. Photo of Brittany Curran

    Brittany Curran Cast

  10. Photo of Joyce Cohen

    Joyce Cohen Cast

  11. Photo of Nenetzi Scott

    Nenetzi Scott Cast

  12. Photo of Charles Halford

    Charles Halford Cast