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  1. Photo of Bernard Knowles

    Bernard Knowles Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Arthur Crabtree

    Arthur Crabtree Director

  3. Photo of Anthony Squire

    Anthony Squire Director

  4. Photo of Terry Bishop

    Terry Bishop Director

  5. Photo of Laurence Huntingdon

    Laurence Huntingdon Director

  6. Photo of Peter Maxwell

    Peter Maxwell Director

  7. Photo of George More O'Ferrall

    George More O'Ferrall Director

  8. Photo of Desmond Davis

    Desmond Davis Director

  9. Photo of Leslie Poynton

    Leslie Poynton Screenplay

  10. Photo of Ralph Smart

    Ralph Smart Screenplay and Director

  11. Photo of John Ridgely

    John Ridgely Screenplay

  12. Photo of William Russell

    William Russell Cast

  13. Photo of Ronald Leigh-Hunt

    Ronald Leigh-Hunt Cast

  14. Photo of Jane Hylton

    Jane Hylton Cast

  15. Photo of Cyril Smith

    Cyril Smith Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Scroggins

    Robert Scroggins Cast

  17. Photo of Edwin Astley

    Edwin Astley Music

  18. Photo of Sidney Cole

    Sidney Cole Producer

  19. Photo of Dallas Bower

    Dallas Bower Producer

  20. Photo of Hannah Weinstein

    Hannah Weinstein Executive Producer