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  1. Photo of Michael McCarthy

    Michael McCarthy Director

  2. Photo of Dennis Vance

    Dennis Vance Director and Producer

  3. Photo of David MacDonald

    David MacDonald Director and Producer

  4. Photo of Wolf Rilla

    Wolf Rilla Director

  5. Photo of Ralph Gilbert Bettison

    Ralph Gilbert Bettison Screenplay

  6. Photo of Joel Murcott

    Joel Murcott Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michael Hogan

    Michael Hogan Screenplay

  8. Photo of John Moore

    John Moore Screenplay

  9. Photo of Diana Morgan

    Diana Morgan Screenplay

  10. Photo of Angus McPhail

    Angus McPhail Screenplay

  11. Photo of Baroness Orczy

    Baroness Orczy Novel

  12. Photo of Stanley Van Beers

    Stanley Van Beers Cast

  13. Photo of Patrick Troughton

    Patrick Troughton Cast

  14. Photo of Lucie Mannheim

    Lucie Mannheim Cast

  15. Photo of Alexander Gauge

    Alexander Gauge Cast

  16. Photo of Sidney Torch

    Sidney Torch Music

  17. Photo of Duncan Sutherland

    Duncan Sutherland Production Design

  18. Photo of Marius Goring

    Marius Goring Producer, Screenplay Cast