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  1. Photo of Satyajit Ray

    Satyajit Ray Director, Screenplay Music

  2. Photo of Dhritiman Chatterjee

    Dhritiman Chatterjee Cast

  3. Photo of Jayshree Roy

    Jayshree Roy Cast

  4. Photo of Debraj Ray

    Debraj Ray Cast

  5. Photo of Krishna Bose

    Krishna Bose Cast

  6. Photo of Mamata Chatterjee

    Mamata Chatterjee Cast

  7. Photo of Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury

    Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury Cast

  8. Photo of Kalyan Chowdhury

    Kalyan Chowdhury Cast

  9. Photo of Indira Devi

    Indira Devi Cast

  10. Photo of Soven Lahiri

    Soven Lahiri Cast

  11. Photo of Pisu Majumdar

    Pisu Majumdar Cast

  12. Photo of Dhara Roy

    Dhara Roy Cast

  13. Photo of Shefali

    Shefali Cast

  14. Photo of Purnendu Bose

    Purnendu Bose Cinematography

  15. Photo of Soumendu Roy

    Soumendu Roy Cinematography

  16. Photo of Bansi Chandragupta

    Bansi Chandragupta Production Design

  17. Photo of Asim Dutta

    Asim Dutta Producer

  18. Photo of Nepal Dutta

    Nepal Dutta Producer

  19. Photo of Dulal Dutta

    Dulal Dutta Editing

  20. Photo of J.D. Irani

    J.D. Irani Sound

  21. Photo of Durgadas Mitra

    Durgadas Mitra Sound