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  1. Photo of Franny Armstrong

    Franny Armstrong Director

  2. Photo of John Battsek

    John Battsek Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Lizzie Gillett

    Lizzie Gillett Producer

  4. Photo of Lawrence Gardner

    Lawrence Gardner Cinematography

  5. Photo of Chris Brierley

    Chris Brierley Music

  6. Photo of Pete Postlethwaite

    Pete Postlethwaite Cast

  7. Photo of Jamila Bayyoud

    Jamila Bayyoud Cast

  8. Photo of Adnan Bayyoud

    Adnan Bayyoud Cast

  9. Photo of Alvin DuVernay

    Alvin DuVernay Cast

  10. Photo of Piers Guy

    Piers Guy Cast

  11. Photo of Layefa Malini

    Layefa Malini Cast

  12. Photo of Fernand Pareau

    Fernand Pareau Cast

  13. Photo of Jeh Wadia

    Jeh Wadia Cast

  14. Photo of David G. Hill

    David G. Hill Editing