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  1. Photo of Glauber Rocha

    Glauber Rocha Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maurício do Valle

    Maurício do Valle Cast

  3. Photo of Jece Valadão

    Jece Valadão Cast

  4. Photo of Antonio Pitanga

    Antonio Pitanga Cast

  5. Photo of Tarcísio Meira

    Tarcísio Meira Cast

  6. Photo of Geraldo Del Rey

    Geraldo Del Rey Cast

  7. Photo of Ana Maria Magalhães

    Ana Maria Magalhães Cast

  8. Photo of Carlos Petrovicho

    Carlos Petrovicho Cast

  9. Photo of Norma Bengell

    Norma Bengell Cast

  10. Photo of Danuza Leão

    Danuza Leão Cast

  11. Photo of Paloma Rocha

    Paloma Rocha Cast

  12. Photo of Mário Gusmão

    Mário Gusmão Cast

  13. Photo of Pedro de Moraes

    Pedro de Moraes Cinematography

  14. Photo of Roberto Pires

    Roberto Pires Cinematography

  15. Photo of Rogério Duarte

    Rogério Duarte Music

  16. Photo of Raul Willian Amaral Barbosa

    Raul Willian Amaral Barbosa Production Design

  17. Photo of Wilson Mendez Andrade

    Wilson Mendez Andrade Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Carlos Alberto Diniz

    Carlos Alberto Diniz Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Carlos Cox

    Carlos Cox Editing

  20. Photo of Ricardo Miranda

    Ricardo Miranda Editing

  21. Photo of Raul Soares

    Raul Soares Editing

  22. Photo of Jorge Saldanha

    Jorge Saldanha Sound