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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nafisbelmont's rating of the film The Aimed School

    psychedelic sci-fi at its finest. a total eyecandy.

  2. Chuck Williamson's rating of the film The Aimed School

    A kaleidoscopic manga pastiche full of eye-poppingly psychedelic video effects, off-the-wall non-sequitirs, anarchic visual gags, and an unwieldily undercurrent of hearts-on-fire teenage sentimentality that anchors itself in the blizzard of cartoon nonsense. In other words, Nobuhiko Obayashi does for schoolgirls with telekinesis what he did for gothic horror tales in HOUSE.

  3. Jon K's rating of the film The Aimed School

    Obayashi deserves more attention for his non-House films. I don't know how much input he had on the script on this one, which is pretty weird and fairly nonsensical, but the visual flourishes, especially in the pivotal scene, are something I don't think any other director could dream up.