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  1. Photo of Johannes Naber

    Johannes Naber Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Christoph Silber

    Christoph Silber Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andeta Spahivogli

    Andeta Spahivogli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alexander Steimle

    Alexander Steimle Screenplay

  5. Photo of Nik Xhelilaj

    Nik Xhelilaj Cast

  6. Photo of Xhejlane Terbunja

    Xhejlane Terbunja Cast

  7. Photo of Ivan Shvedoff

    Ivan Shvedoff Cast

  8. Photo of Amos Zaharia

    Amos Zaharia Cast

  9. Photo of Stipe Erceg

    Stipe Erceg Cast

  10. Photo of Eva Löbau

    Eva Löbau Cast

  11. Photo of André Hennicke

    André Hennicke Cast

  12. Photo of Luan Jaha

    Luan Jaha Cast

  13. Photo of Kim Young-Shin

    Kim Young-Shin Cast

  14. Photo of Çun Lajçi

    Çun Lajçi Cast

  15. Photo of Marian Meder

    Marian Meder Cast

  16. Photo of Yllka Mujo

    Yllka Mujo Cast

  17. Photo of Bruno Shllaku

    Bruno Shllaku Cast

  18. Photo of Sten Mende

    Sten Mende Cinematography

  19. Photo of Oliver Biehler

    Oliver Biehler Music

  20. Photo of Ina Timmerberg

    Ina Timmerberg Production Design

  21. Photo of Boris Schönfelder

    Boris Schönfelder Producer

  22. Photo of Ben von Grafenstein

    Ben von Grafenstein Editing

  23. Photo of Tobias Poppe

    Tobias Poppe Sound

  24. Photo of Helene Seidl

    Helene Seidl Sound