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  1. schmalhans's rating of the film The Albanian

    Sometimes Naber's Film is too close to a textbook version of an immigrant tragedy: relying solely on the main character's woe as well as feeling overly constructed in its light and dark moments. Yet, there exists an intensity in the story that might not be overlooked. It's the unbearable thought that something like could be happening in any European capital at this very moment.

  2. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film The Albanian

  3. Karin Frank's rating of the film The Albanian

    Sehr guter Film, ohne moralisch zu bewerten. Erzählt nur eine Geschichte ohne Happy End, und lässt einen betroffen zurück. Denn was ist zu tun? Die einen haben ein gutes Leben, die anderen haben ein beschissenes Leben.

  4. Barbora's rating of the film The Albanian

    the best film, which i have ever seen ....