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Ratings & Reviews

  1. mpho3's rating of the film The Alien Girl

    I'm in agreement w/ Slant's reviewer who says, "Visually, Alien Girl feels both low-budget and ultra-slick... . Lacking much in the way of nuance or grace, the film must rely on its insistent scuzziness and relentless brutality for it to be effective." It wasn't clear to me how much I disliked this film until the abrupt ending, although the morgue slab credits were a nice touch. 2.5 stars

  2. Ryan Theodores's rating of the film The Alien Girl

    I don't understand why this was so critically unpopular; it seemed pretty consistent with the milieu of Russian criminal culture. The action was a bit obnoxious in that it was made difficult to read spatially, but for the most part I liked this more than I expected. Fans of Pusher or Brother should check this out.