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  1. Photo of Jakob Verbruggen

    Jakob Verbruggen Director

  2. Photo of Paco Cabezas

    Paco Cabezas Director

  3. Photo of James Hawes

    James Hawes Director

  4. Photo of David Petrarca

    David Petrarca Director

  5. Photo of Caleb Carr

    Caleb Carr Novel and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Daniel Brühl

    Daniel Brühl Cast

  7. Photo of Dakota Fanning

    Dakota Fanning Cast

  8. Photo of Luke Evans

    Luke Evans Cast

  9. Photo of Brian Geraghty

    Brian Geraghty Cast

  10. Photo of Matthew Shear

    Matthew Shear Cast

  11. Photo of Douglas Smith

    Douglas Smith Cast

  12. Photo of Martin McCreadie

    Martin McCreadie Cast

  13. Photo of Daisy Bevan

    Daisy Bevan Cast

  14. Photo of Q'orianka Kilcher

    Q'orianka Kilcher Cast

  15. Photo of Matt Lintz

    Matt Lintz Cast

  16. Photo of David Wilmot

    David Wilmot Cast

  17. Photo of Jackson Gann

    Jackson Gann Cast

  18. Photo of Sean Young

    Sean Young Cast

  19. Photo of Josef Altin

    Josef Altin Cast

  20. Photo of Grace Zabriskie

    Grace Zabriskie Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Wisdom

    Robert Wisdom Cast

  22. Photo of Ted Levine

    Ted Levine Cast

  23. Photo of Michael Ironside

    Michael Ironside Cast

  24. Photo of Frederick Schmidt

    Frederick Schmidt Cast

  25. Photo of Nicolas Bro

    Nicolas Bro Cast

  26. Photo of Bill Heck

    Bill Heck Cast

  27. Photo of Alice Krige

    Alice Krige Cast

  28. Photo of Paul Reid

    Paul Reid Cast

  29. Photo of James Faulkner

    James Faulkner Cast

  30. Photo of George Lenz

    George Lenz Cast

  31. Photo of Tracy Sallows

    Tracy Sallows Cast

  32. Photo of Kate Dickie

    Kate Dickie Cast

  33. Photo of David Warner

    David Warner Cast

  34. Photo of P.J. Dillon

    P.J. Dillon Cinematography

  35. Photo of Chris Seager

    Chris Seager Cinematography

  36. Photo of Gavin Struthers

    Gavin Struthers Cinematography

  37. Photo of Larry Smith

    Larry Smith Cinematography

  38. Photo of Rupert Gregson-Williams

    Rupert Gregson-Williams Music

  39. Photo of Mara LePere-Schloop

    Mara LePere-Schloop Production Design

  40. Photo of Michael Kaplan

    Michael Kaplan Production Design

  41. Photo of Cary Joji Fukunaga

    Cary Joji Fukunaga Executive Producer and Screenplay

  42. Photo of Jamie Payne

    Jamie Payne Executive Producer and Director

  43. Photo of Hossein Amini

    Hossein Amini Executive Producer and Screenplay

  44. Photo of Steve Golin

    Steve Golin Executive Producer

  45. Photo of Eric Roth

    Eric Roth Executive Producer

  46. Photo of Rosalie Swedlin

    Rosalie Swedlin Executive Producer