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  1. Photo of Herschell Gordon Lewis

    Herschell Gordon Lewis Director, Cinematography Producer

  2. Photo of Allison Louise Downe

    Allison Louise Downe Screenplay

  3. Photo of Paul Gordone

    Paul Gordone Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean Michel

    Jean Michel Screenplay

  5. Photo of Julie Ames

    Julie Ames Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Lamee

    Jean Lamee Cast

  7. Photo of Lisa Bourdon

    Lisa Bourdon Cast

  8. Photo of Marie Delmonde

    Marie Delmonde Cast

  9. Photo of Ann Heath

    Ann Heath Cast

  10. Photo of Phillipe Pounard

    Phillipe Pounard Music

  11. Photo of Gerard Bussieres

    Gerard Bussieres Production Design

  12. Photo of Thomas J. Dowd

    Thomas J. Dowd Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Jean Toulais

    Jean Toulais Editing