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  1. Photo of Byron Chudnow

    Byron Chudnow Director

  2. Photo of Richard Chapman

    Richard Chapman Screenplay

  3. Photo of William Goldstein

    William Goldstein Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Kraike

    Michael Kraike Screenplay

  5. Photo of Fred Astaire

    Fred Astaire Cast

  6. Photo of James Franciscus

    James Franciscus Cast

  7. Photo of Barbara Eden

    Barbara Eden Cast

  8. Photo of Jack Carter

    Jack Carter Cast

  9. Photo of Billy Barty

    Billy Barty Cast

  10. Photo of Parley Baer

    Parley Baer Cast

  11. Photo of James Almanzar

    James Almanzar Cast

  12. Photo of Charlie Brill

    Charlie Brill Cast

  13. Photo of Gregory Sandor

    Gregory Sandor Cinematography

  14. Photo of David Chudnow

    David Chudnow Producer

  15. Photo of James Potter

    James Potter Editing

  16. Photo of Alan Silvestri

    Alan Silvestri Sound

  17. Photo of Tony Garber

    Tony Garber Sound

  18. Photo of Monty Pearce

    Monty Pearce Sound

  19. Photo of Kirk Francis

    Kirk Francis Sound

  20. Photo of Francis Dennis

    Francis Dennis Costume Design