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  1. Nan Bauer's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Brugger goes down a rabbit hole as he travels to the CAR, and it gets increasingly surreal and frightening as he works variously with Pygmies, a blood diamond mine owner, and people on the eve of their own assassinations. All with a jaunty soundtrack that includes “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” by the Ink Spots. Riveting, filled with gallows humor and sadness.

  2. caitlin.f's rating of the film The Ambassador

    meh something about a white guy going to a extremely impoverished warn-torn african nation & "exposing" the corruption there rubs me the wrong way.

  3. Mark Neustadt's rating of the film The Ambassador

    I'm not sure what rating is appropriate. Certainly in its own terms, this movie is completely successful. I appreciated watching it and I'd say it's that rare film that changed my life. Other's find Brudgger's charade maddening, but I'd say its lack of liberal pieties is its strength. I think the coarse, mercenary way he treats his environment is closer to the truth, and so he reveals a reality few are able to match.

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film The Ambassador

    An eye-opening look into a world where "diplomatic" privileges can be acquired to anyone who can pay the price and where money is the key that opens all doors. Great interview with Mads;

  5. Jeff Holland's rating of the film The Ambassador

    mixed feelings. it was interesting for sure. brügger, armed with hidden cameras, takes part in the "game" of exploiting africans as a wealthy european in order to expose those who already do so. exposing all the corruption at play here is a worthy cause, but does the end justify the means? also, did the film really have any positive impact on the situation in liberia and the CAR? seems sketchy.

  6. Kevin's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Mads could make the same film in the US in the 4 years, and could have made the same film in many states in the past four years, typically the private ones own and operated by the Koch organization...

  7. jordi torrent's rating of the film The Ambassador

    difficult to belief the depths of corruption! well done, funny on a very sad way.

  8. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film The Ambassador

    I'm more intrigued by the concepts going on in the film. It held my interest, but it was frustrating because it was never exactly clear what he was trying to prove. He certainly exposed many ills, but he didn't seem to have a set target for this documentary.

  9. Nicole's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Seen this film at least 4 times and it should serve as a reminder of Brügger's talent and dedication of an artist. Your godamn right I'm anticipating your next film Mads. He's fearless, a great actor, bad diplomat who exposed a lot in one helluva ballsy film.

  10. Will Ortel's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Morally reprehensible and outright amazing. Great pacing, laugh out loud funny in some places. Wish it went on longer.

  11. PL Racine's rating of the film The Ambassador

    If it was not a documentary, it would be a funny absurd comedy.

  12. Mouraz's rating of the film The Ambassador

    This is a complete fucking moral tangle. But a great piece nonetheless. My question is what the hell happened to the diamonds? Btw my hometown is Coimbra, where he starts his journey! Blew my mind.

  13. Livio Marrese's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Fastidiously shameless but interesting and brave, if it's all real.

  14. Pol's rating of the film The Ambassador

    The documentary does not bring something new, but I believe is necessary to keep doing that kind of works to reveal realities that are not usually part of our daily agendas. “Underworld”, “upper world” and “back world” (concepts explored in the documentary) come together in this well executed, interesting and risky project.

  15. Steven Kotelniski's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Interesting experiment to see how far money will take you in Africa, but does it really show anything you couldn't guess already? It does feel exploitative, at times.

  16. Gaurav Singhmar's rating of the film The Ambassador

  17. Ezra Winton's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Another ethically suspect film from Brügger.

  18. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Real muckraking. Doubtful this film will make any dent in the corrupt, high stakes underworld of blood diamonds. As an expose it does work, but its sort of like paying a crack-head to travel around with them while you buy the drugs. The thrill-ride inevitably ends in a mad rush for the nearest sortie. Sadly, when all is said and done we are left thinking more about Mads Bruggar than the nameless victims we see.

  19. rob johnstone's rating of the film The Ambassador

    A clever idea and very well executed. Cynical and searing in it's assessment of the ongoing economic, social, political and moral challenges going on throughout Africa largely motivated by the west.

  20. matteo carini's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Genius in depicting his role, alternating drama and irony, the former being due to the poverty and the exploitation around him, the latter being related to the paradoxical bureaucratic hurly-burly which then refers to those very people who are responsible for said exploitation. Sometimes it feels fake.

  21. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Ambassador

  22. 99apes's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Never tough such a crazy mission could be possible For a Total outsider. Nice movie, entertaining and still makes you think

  23. msmichel's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Strange documentary that attempts to show the inherent corruption in the post colonial 'every-man-for-himself' and 'profiteers first' business environment in modern Africa. Brugger stands on the edge between doc and mock-doc here as he digs himself deeper into the political quagmire he has waded into. It would be black comedy if it wasn't true. Runs out of steam before it ends but entertaining anyway.

  24. film_lies101's rating of the film The Ambassador

    Mads Brügger has created one of the greatest film characters ever

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