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  1. Photo of Walter Hugo Khouri

    Walter Hugo Khouri Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Paulo José

    Paulo José Cast

  3. Photo of Jacqueline Myrna

    Jacqueline Myrna Cast

  4. Photo of Lilian Lemmertz

    Lilian Lemmertz Cast

  5. Photo of Anecy Rocha

    Anecy Rocha Cast

  6. Photo of Stênio Garcia

    Stênio Garcia Cast

  7. Photo of Newton Prado

    Newton Prado Cast

  8. Photo of Inês Knaut

    Inês Knaut Cast

  9. Photo of Ana Maria Scavazza

    Ana Maria Scavazza Cast

  10. Photo of Flávio Porto

    Flávio Porto Cast

  11. Photo of Abrahão Farc

    Abrahão Farc Cast

  12. Photo of Miguel di Pietro

    Miguel di Pietro Cast

  13. Photo of Francisco Curcio

    Francisco Curcio Cast

  14. Photo of Mário Fanucchi

    Mário Fanucchi Cast

  15. Photo of Ingrid Holt

    Ingrid Holt Cast

  16. Photo of Glaucia Maria

    Glaucia Maria Cast

  17. Photo of Alberto Sestini

    Alberto Sestini Cast

  18. Photo of Antônio Henrique Ferreira

    Antônio Henrique Ferreira Cast

  19. Photo of Clarisse Abujamra

    Clarisse Abujamra Cast

  20. Photo of Antônio Peticov

    Antônio Peticov Cast

  21. Photo of Pio Zamuner

    Pio Zamuner Cinematography

  22. Photo of Rogerio Duprat

    Rogerio Duprat Music

  23. Photo of Romeo Landrini

    Romeo Landrini Production Design

  24. Photo of William Khouri

    William Khouri Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Maria Guadalupe

    Maria Guadalupe Editing

  26. Photo of Raul Nanni

    Raul Nanni Sound

  27. Photo of Antônio Vitale

    Antônio Vitale Sound