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  1. Photo of Mikael Salomon

    Mikael Salomon Director

  2. Photo of Robert Schenkkan

    Robert Schenkkan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Crichton

    Michael Crichton Novel

  4. Photo of Benjamin Bratt

    Benjamin Bratt Cast

  5. Photo of Eric McCormack

    Eric McCormack Cast

  6. Photo of Christa Miller

    Christa Miller Cast

  7. Photo of Daniel Dae Kim

    Daniel Dae Kim Cast

  8. Photo of Viola Davis

    Viola Davis Cast

  9. Photo of Louis Ferreira

    Louis Ferreira Cast

  10. Photo of Barry Flatman

    Barry Flatman Cast

  11. Photo of Ted Whittall

    Ted Whittall Cast

  12. Photo of Ted Atherton

    Ted Atherton Cast

  13. Photo of Rick Schroder

    Rick Schroder Cast

  14. Photo of Andre Braugher

    Andre Braugher Cast

  15. Photo of Kurt Max Runte

    Kurt Max Runte Cast

  16. Photo of Anna Galvin

    Anna Galvin Cast

  17. Photo of Michal Suchánek

    Michal Suchánek Cast

  18. Photo of Juan Carlos Velis

    Juan Carlos Velis Cast

  19. Photo of Jonathan Potts

    Jonathan Potts Cast

  20. Photo of Adrian Holmes

    Adrian Holmes Cast

  21. Photo of Ava Salomon

    Ava Salomon Cast

  22. Photo of Emily Holmes

    Emily Holmes Cast

  23. Photo of Fred Keating

    Fred Keating Cast

  24. Photo of Denise Galik

    Denise Galik Cast

  25. Photo of Nicola Anderson

    Nicola Anderson Cast

  26. Photo of Roman Podhora

    Roman Podhora Cast

  27. Photo of Cory Dagg

    Cory Dagg Cast

  28. Photo of Douglas O'Keeffe

    Douglas O'Keeffe Cast

  29. Photo of Jon Joffin

    Jon Joffin Cinematography

  30. Photo of Joel J. Richard

    Joel J. Richard Music

  31. Photo of Jerry Wanek

    Jerry Wanek Production Design

  32. Photo of Clara George

    Clara George Producer

  33. Photo of Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Tony Scott

    Tony Scott Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Tom Thayer

    Tom Thayer Executive Producer

  36. Photo of David W. Zucker

    David W. Zucker Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Scott Vickrey

    Scott Vickrey Editing

  38. Photo of Bill Bell

    Bill Bell Sound

  39. Photo of Bob Costanza

    Bob Costanza Sound

  40. Photo of Mike Dickeson

    Mike Dickeson Sound

  41. Photo of Anton Holden

    Anton Holden Sound

  42. Photo of Richard S. Steele

    Richard S. Steele Sound

  43. Photo of Tim Terusa

    Tim Terusa Sound

  44. Photo of Daniel Tripoli

    Daniel Tripoli Sound