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  1. Photo of Metin Erksan

    Metin Erksan Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fatma Girik

    Fatma Girik Cast and Producer

  4. Photo of Sevda Ferdag

    Sevda Ferdag Cast

  5. Photo of Reha Yurdakul

    Reha Yurdakul Cast

  6. Photo of Orçun Sonat

    Orçun Sonat Cast

  7. Photo of Ahmet Sezerel

    Ahmet Sezerel Cast

  8. Photo of Yüksel Gözen

    Yüksel Gözen Cast

  9. Photo of Yavuz Selekman

    Yavuz Selekman Cast

  10. Photo of İhsan Gedik

    İhsan Gedik Cast

  11. Photo of Baki Tamer

    Baki Tamer Cast

  12. Photo of Coskun Gögen

    Coskun Gögen Cast

  13. Photo of Nevra Serezli

    Nevra Serezli Cast

  14. Photo of Ekrem Gökkaya

    Ekrem Gökkaya Cast

  15. Photo of Önder Güç

    Önder Güç Cast

  16. Photo of Ayla Oranli

    Ayla Oranli Cast

  17. Photo of Senem Kayra

    Senem Kayra Cast

  18. Photo of Ali Cagaloglu

    Ali Cagaloglu Cast

  19. Photo of Cahit Engin

    Cahit Engin Cinematography

  20. Photo of Orhan Veli Kanik

    Orhan Veli Kanik Music

  21. Photo of Timur Selçuk

    Timur Selçuk Music

  22. Photo of Dmitri Shostakovich

    Dmitri Shostakovich Music

  23. Photo of Necip Saricioglu

    Necip Saricioglu Music

  24. Photo of Hasan Örnek

    Hasan Örnek Music

  25. Photo of Memduh Ün

    Memduh Ün Producer

  26. Photo of Suleyman Karakaya

    Suleyman Karakaya Editing

  27. Photo of Abdullah Akdeniz

    Abdullah Akdeniz Sound

  28. Photo of Selahattin Kaya

    Selahattin Kaya Sound