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  1. Photo of Alan Bromly

    Alan Bromly Director

  2. Photo of Sidney Cole

    Sidney Cole Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Charles Terrot

    Charles Terrot Novel and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Felix Aylmer

    Felix Aylmer Cast

  5. Photo of Diane Cilento

    Diane Cilento Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Eddison

    Robert Eddison Cast

  7. Photo of Jerry Desmonde

    Jerry Desmonde Cast

  8. Photo of Joe Linnane

    Joe Linnane Cast

  9. Photo of Shelia Sweet

    Shelia Sweet Cast

  10. Photo of Philip Guard

    Philip Guard Cast

  11. Photo of Genitha Halsey

    Genitha Halsey Cast

  12. Photo of Edward Evans

    Edward Evans Cast

  13. Photo of Elaine Wodson

    Elaine Wodson Cast

  14. Photo of Alfie Bass

    Alfie Bass Cast

  15. Photo of Thomas Gallagher

    Thomas Gallagher Cast

  16. Photo of Phyllis Morris

    Phyllis Morris Cast

  17. Photo of David Kossoff

    David Kossoff Cast

  18. Photo of Raymond Rollett

    Raymond Rollett Cast

  19. Photo of June Ellis

    June Ellis Cast

  20. Photo of Herbert C. Walton

    Herbert C. Walton Cast

  21. Photo of Maurice Kaufmann

    Maurice Kaufmann Cast

  22. Photo of Arthur Grant

    Arthur Grant Cinematography

  23. Photo of Antony Hopkins

    Antony Hopkins Music

  24. Photo of John Merritt

    John Merritt Editing