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  1. Photo of Ken Loach

    Ken Loach Director

  2. Photo of Paul Laverty

    Paul Laverty Screenplay

  3. Photo of George Fenton

    George Fenton Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roger Allam

    Roger Allam Cast

  5. Photo of Daniel Portman

    Daniel Portman Cast

  6. Photo of John Henshaw

    John Henshaw Cast

  7. Photo of William Ruane

    William Ruane Cast

  8. Photo of Lorne MacFadyen

    Lorne MacFadyen Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Brannigan

    Paul Brannigan Cast

  10. Photo of John Joe Hay

    John Joe Hay Cast

  11. Photo of David Goodall

    David Goodall Cast

  12. Photo of Finlay Harris

    Finlay Harris Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Donnelly

    Paul Donnelly Cast

  14. Photo of James Casey

    James Casey Cast

  15. Photo of Siobhan Reilly

    Siobhan Reilly Cast

  16. Photo of Jim Sweeney

    Jim Sweeney Cast

  17. Photo of Jasmin Riggins

    Jasmin Riggins Cast

  18. Photo of Lynsey-Anne Moffat

    Lynsey-Anne Moffat Cast

  19. Photo of Barrie Hunter

    Barrie Hunter Cast

  20. Photo of Gary Maitland

    Gary Maitland Cast

  21. Photo of Scott Kyle

    Scott Kyle Cast

  22. Photo of Nick Farr

    Nick Farr Cast

  23. Photo of Roderick Cowie

    Roderick Cowie Cast

  24. Photo of Gordon Taylor

    Gordon Taylor Cast

  25. Photo of Lynsey Lawrie

    Lynsey Lawrie Cast

  26. Photo of David Graham

    David Graham Cast

  27. Photo of Fernando Vélazquez

    Fernando Vélazquez Cast

  28. Photo of Robert J. Goodwin

    Robert J. Goodwin Cast

  29. Photo of Robbie Ryan

    Robbie Ryan Cinematography

  30. Photo of Fergus Clegg

    Fergus Clegg Production Design

  31. Photo of Rebecca O'Brien

    Rebecca O'Brien Producer

  32. Photo of Jonathan Morris

    Jonathan Morris Editing