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  1. Photo of Lu Hsiao-fen

    Lu Hsiao-fen Cast

  2. Photo of Don Wong

    Don Wong Cast

  3. Photo of Lin Chai-pei

    Lin Chai-pei Cast

  4. Photo of Chao Shu-Hai

    Chao Shu-Hai Cast

  5. Photo of Hsieh Chang-Wen

    Hsieh Chang-Wen Cast

  6. Photo of Han Hsieh

    Han Hsieh Cast

  7. Photo of Ming Kao

    Ming Kao Cast

  8. Photo of Wei Hu

    Wei Hu Cast

  9. Photo of Chen Yao-Chi

    Chen Yao-Chi Director

  10. Photo of Kuei Ya-lei

    Kuei Ya-lei Cast

  11. Photo of Ying Lee

    Ying Lee Cast

  12. Photo of Liu Meng-Yen

    Liu Meng-Yen Cast

  13. Photo of Pauline Yu-Huan Wang

    Pauline Yu-Huan Wang Cast

  14. Photo of Te Sheng Wang

    Te Sheng Wang Cast

  15. Photo of Shen Yuen

    Shen Yuen Cast