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  1. Scritti Pollitti's rating of the film The Apprentice

    We all experience loss. We can all help. Some are better positioned to offer help than others. This film has a tonne of heart. A young boy requires guidance. A quiet farmer struggles to help despite this drudging up past tragedy. All this in the immeasurable beauty of rural France.

  2. Jonathan.mills's rating of the film The Apprentice

    This is a lovely film which captures the life of a teenage in a France (or anywhere) superbly.

  3. Niels's rating of the film The Apprentice

    Reminded me of Pialat's 'L'enfance nue' a lot, but also surely other great, classic social realist films about boys going through puberty. Clearly, at the age of 15 it's not only Mathieu's voice that is changing. Bulle is incredible to examine and discover - highlighting the boy's solitude & struggles, while never downplaying his strengths nor dreams. Poetry hidden in plain sight about lost fathers & wandering sons.

  4. Sergey Belov's rating of the film The Apprentice

    pure cattlefarm boy life story

  5. Becca64's rating of the film The Apprentice

    Film semplice e delicato. Lo stile è quello del "docufilm" intitolato Essere e Avere di Nicolas Philibert. Una volta entrati nel ritmo del film, il racconto della crescita di questo adolescente è toccante senza mai essere retorico: bello! Simple and tactful. The style reminds me a lot the movie "Etre et avoir" by Philibert. Once you get into the rhythm, the story about this teenager is touching without rhethoric.

  6. Pius Strassmann's rating of the film The Apprentice

    ich weiss nicht genau wieso, aber dieser film hat mich berührt. eine konzise und sensible bildsprache, sparsame dialoge, die vielen andeutungen und lebensgeschichten, die sich kreuzen, ohne dass man genaueres weiss. poetisch.

  7. Mcgruck's rating of the film The Apprentice

  8. Ankush Samant's rating of the film The Apprentice

    If growing up is like a fictional story, then growing up in a farm is like a fairy tale. This movie is about that fairy tale! Must watch!

  9.'s rating of the film The Apprentice

    Brings back memories of myself growing up on a farm, wonderful experience of growing up, coming from a childhood in and out of care, life a what a journey

  10. captainfez's rating of the film The Apprentice

    Could be great. Wouldn't know, because I turned off after the pig-killing scene. How about some fucking warning, Mubi?